Advanced Pain Therapy 

Nashville's leading provider of softwave technology

About Advanced Pain Therapy

We use patented softwave technology to treat a variety of orthopedic indications. Treatments are performed by applying gel to the affected area. Then, using the OrthoGold 100, acoustic waves are released over the affected area of the body.


We will consult with you on the number of treatments needed based on the condition being treated, the area of the body and the severity of any injury. In many cases only three to five treatments are needed.


Beneficial effects are often achieved in only a few treatments with many patients reporting significant pain relief after one treatment. Typically treatments are spaced one week to ten days apart to give the body time for the healing process.


The stem cell machine has virtually no side effects and patients can normally return to work after treatment as there is typically no down time.  Let our team work with you to develop an ESWT treatment plan best suited to treat your condition or injury and tailored to meet your goals.